Should You Use USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drives?

Boot Windows 8 from External SSD? Linux on external USB 3.0 SSD?

(Note: Windows 8 To Go can be installed and run from an external USB Hard Drive or better yet SSD!)

A solid state drive is a great alternative to the traditional hard drive and more people are finding it more reliable to use with their portable laptops. Any computer user knows that a hard drive is a very important part of the computer. Once it crashes, all data will be gone and you might not be able to access it again. This is one reason why people look for an external hard drive to use to make back-ups of their files. It can also provide extra storage which they can easily bring around.

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What are USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drives?

First of all, a solid state drive acts like a traditional hard drive except that it works differently. It does not use magnetic media to store data instead, it uses semi-conductors like what flash drives use. A solid state drive is installed inside the computer or laptop but there are external solid state drives that can be connected using USB 3.0.

USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drives are ideal for people who use portable laptops because it can be easily brought around when travelling. A laptop’s hard drive is very limited. Hence, an external SSD should give you the convenience of having more storage capacity in just a small piece of device.

What are the Advantages of External SSD?

Solid state drives are created because they are improved versions of traditional hard drives. They have more advantages to the consumer. When someone is using USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drives, the user will experience more functionality. Traditional hard drives causes delay when processing data because it is powered mechanically. With solid state drives, there are no mechanical parts operating it. The mechanical parts are what slow down the functions of the hard drive and this will cause a lagging performance.

The next advantage is the decreased energy consumption. Tests show that solid state drives consumes 100% less energy that the traditional hard drives. This is beneficial because the user can use the saved energy for something else like gaming or researching instead of spending energy on just the battery of the portable laptop.

Moreover, portable solid state drives are a lot smaller and lighter which is why it is idea to use with your laptop. Laptops are meant to be carried around and a portable drive is an ideal fit. You don’t want to carry those large hard disk drives with you everywhere you go.

intel ssd insideShould You Use It or go for Internal SSD?

Technology has made things more convenient for people but of course, the individual will always be the final judge. This technological breakthrough is very helpful because more and more people today are relying on their laptops for their computing needs. Humans have no control how a hard disk drive will perform but they can certainly switch to a more reliable one to ensure that all data are stored and backed-up properly. There is really no harm in upgrading to a solid state drive because of its many advantages. If it works better then it will make life easier for you.

Moving from Win7 to Windows 8?

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