Review of Samsung SSD 830 512GB

(Note: Windows 8 To Go can be installed and run from an external USB Hard Drive or better yet SSD!)

Samsung SSD7Samsung is the biggest NAND flash manufacturing company in the world. This top company is known for producing quality solid-state drive (SSD). The latest model from the SSD line of the company does not disappoint. There are significant positive changes to the latest SSD 830 from Samsung this year. It is more powerful than the 470 models. It also has improved controller speed and an upgraded SATA interface as it has a 6GB/s SATA 3.0.
Its memory capacity ranges from 64GB to 512GB, with the cheapest being around £100.
You can choose from two bundles. There is the Desktop Kit with cables and mounting brackets and the Notebook Kit that comes complete with a USB interface to be used in copying your hard drive to the SSD.

external intel SSDThe 830 model is still designed based in the NTFS. This is why it has to be reformatted using Disk Utility if you are going to use the SSD for Mac. However, the bundled software is only in Windows format. You can expect the same usual features of the SSD in the 830 model. It does not heat up that easily, works silently, and does not bother you with moving parts. Moreover, it does not consume that much battery.
When we tested the Samsung SSD 830 modelwith a 2011 MacBook Pro, its random speed read’s average is 133.252 MB/2s and write speed’s average is 138.884MB/s. The notebook’s hard drive average speeds are 17.481MB/s and 16.145MB/s, respectively. Given the numbers, the SSD model really contributed significantly to the improvement in the laptop’s performance.

The same Samsung SSD model also improved the performance of a Lion install by increasing its speed to 17.3 seconds, which is a little bit over half the time it takes for the HDD. Despite the more expensive price of the SSD 830 relative to other solid-state drives, it delivers in terms of performance.


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