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External SSD: Does It Deliver?

Technology never ceases to amaze the human race. With all the new creations and innovations today, it has made the lives of people more convenient. There are technological products in the market today that has proven to be helpful while some still need to be tested. Often, it will depend on the person’s preference if the technological product suits him/her.
In laptops and computers, the hard drive is very important. This is where all computer data is stored and kept. Hard drive manufacturers have made an alternative to the traditional hard drives and it is called External SSD or External Solid State Drives. There is hype surrounding this type of drive because it is believed to be better than the traditional ones.

What is an External Solid State Drive?

The External SSD was launched back in 2007 and it was perceived to be a solution to problems with portable computing. ESSDs do not rely on magnetic media to for its memory storage unlike the traditional hard drives. Rather, it uses semi-conductors like those flash memory drives to store data. The main difference is that this type of hard drive is used externally like flash drives or external hard drives. Some solid state drives can be placed inside the laptop or computer and take the place of the hard drive.

Why Use an External Solid State Drive?

Why should you take a chance with External Solid State Drives? It will not be created if it does not offer consumers more benefits compared to using the traditional hard drive. This type of hard drive has 3 main benefits with reduced power usage being the first. The second benefit is faster access to memory and the last is improved reliability.

mini PCI intel SSDTraditional hard drives make use of spinning magnetic platters which are responsible for storing computer data on the hard drive. Even copying and pasting files is stored in the memory of your computer. For them to work properly, they need drive motors. When the drive motors are damaged, the hard drive will stop functioning and you will have to replace your hard drive or your whole computer.

An external solid state drive is reliable because it doesn’t use any drive motors like this and you have probably seen how effective flash drives are in saving files when they are used in digital cameras and other mobile devices. Further, with less power usage, your hard drive is less prone to damage. With all these benefits, the external solid state drive appears to be the perfect solution today.

Does It Deliver?

A few years ago, there were problems with using external solid state drives because they were still very new to the market and it needed improvement. But today, these drives are used by laptop and computer makers.

External SSD can read your files faster than the traditional hard drive. However, it has the tendency to slow down when accessing larger files. The promise of reduced battery use is true but only to an extent. You must know that your hard drive is not the one consuming energy the most, it is your monitor, CPU and RAM. The best part about using this drive is its reliability. It is less prone to crashing than the traditional hard drives around.

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